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Folk show of Officers' Assembly of St. Petersburg

SCHEDULE for Folk show of Officers' Assembly of St. Petersburg 2019

The House of Officers of the West Military District

In St. Petersburg in the corner of Kirochnaya Street and Liteinyi Prospect there is a six-storeyed monumental bulding with a typical for our city`s architecture spire on the corner tower.

Russian officers during all the time of existence of the Russian Empire were the main pivor of the regular Army and Navy and also the most united, educated, patriotic and heroic part of the Russian society. The officers were the face of the Army, they conditioned its structure and the state of the armed forces depended on them. The Supreme power in the person of the sovereign and the supreme headquartes in different epochs did their best to uniting the officers not only on service, but also at leisure.

The construction began in September 1895 under the guidance of the  Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich and under command of the Emperor Nicolas II, and was finished on the 22-nd of March 1898.

The house has been built in "Russian Style" very popular in 1860-90s, which stressed the nationality, patriotism and resembled Russian fortresses and churches of the XV-XVII centures. The main premises overlooking the principal gallery (second floor) consist, of the room looking out at Liteinyi Prospect, the office-sitting room of the chief of the Meeting in the corner tower, the room for playing cards and also the small dining room looking out at Kirochnaya Street and the big dining room looking out at the inner yard. Below on the first floor). The most interesting rooms are the library and the billiard room.

The planning of the building is well thought over, the natural lighting is well arranged, interiors are rich in stucco modeling.

The main staicase is made of white Eastland marble. Its large scale and magnificence makes you disposed to pereption of solemn events, taking place here. It is lit from above with the help of a huge lantern, the system of upper windows and mirrors, which let the day light get into the inner premises.

The life of the Officers` meeting was very saturated, in Petersburg it was very popular; different lectures were given, comradely talks were given, military games, conferences, ceremonial congresses, reports were made, displays of new weapons and acces-sories of military technique were arranged, different clubs functioned - shooting, hunting, musical, dramatic, chess and so on with the purpose to amuse and enlighten.

Here class-mates and graduates of different military educational institutions of Petersburg often met for the first time after their graduation.

The constant form of leisure time were concert programmes in which famous actors took part. Here the great Russian Singer Fedor Shaliapin and the People`s actress of the USSR K. Shulgenko performed time and again. Concerts, meetings, dancing parties, musical and family parties were arranged. Plays were staged.

In the building there was a regularly replanished exhibition of captured weapon and an exhibition of frontline artists. In 1944 the Hose of Red Army was awarded with the Order of the Red Star and as a military unit it was presented with battle banners.

Since 1946 it was involved in political events. It was in its hall that the Leningrad Case was heard. It was here that assizes of the Military Board of the Supreme Court of USSR were in session. Top Party leaders were accused of Leningrad separatism and maturing plans of forming communist party of Russia. Leading members of Part Voznesensky, Kuznetsov, Popkov, Lazutkin, Rodionov were executed by shooting, the others got long terms of imprisonment.

In December 1954 a trial of leaders of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and the Ministry of State Security (MSS) who were accused of falsification of the Leningrad Case took place here. These people were also capitally convicted.

In 1964 the Museum of Leningrad Military District was inaugurated in the building. Exhibitions are regularly held in the Museum. Regular exposition is periodically renewed and replenished.

We would remind you that this building used to house tree components of Officers Assembly - the Assembly itself as cultural and entertaining establishment of Russian Army, rooms for visitors (officers` hotel) and Economic Society of officers of Guards troops.

After the Revolution of 1917 the second and the third components were obsolete Today Federal State establishment of Culture and Art the House of Officers of Western Military District as a cultural and entertaining establishment is located in the rooms of the former Assembly as well as in the former hotel rooms and in the former premises of the Economic Society.

However the House of Officers retains its main function by serving the purpose of education and unity of officers of modern Russian Army.

The tradition of oficers` Assembly has continued to this day. 



Professional folklore groups well-known in many countries of the world give performances. The number of people performing at the stage is about 70-100 members including dancers, singers and musicians. By means of music, dancing and singing they will introduce you to treasure of national Russian art and Russian cultural traditions. You will hear popular folk songs: "Katiusha", "Kalinka" and many others. The dancing group will whirl you in the circle of Russian folk dances. You will dip into unforgettable and mysterious atmosphere of Russian holiday!Each program consists of two parts 45 minutes long. During 15-minute break guests will be suggested lunch with vodka, caviar and champagne.

Experience an authentic piece of Russian culture at a folk performance in St Petersburg. You¡¯ll enjoy 1.5 hours of music and dancing by the best professional folk ensemble in Russia ¨C Ensemble of song and dancing of the Leningrad Military District! Each show consists of two 40- to 45-minute sections with an intermission of ten to fifteen minutes for champagne and some snacks. The level of musical accomplishment is very high and stronger than comparable other military ensembles. With their authentic costumes, dance and songs, this amazing show brings Russian culture and folk music to life.

The Song and Dance Ensemble dates to 1929. In those days it consisted of 10 enthusiasts - fans of choral singing. From the first day ensemble has become original creative laboratory of a song, especially army repertoire. Nowadays the Song and Dance Ensemble represent the greatest professional folk performers in Russia. The ensemble has created more than 900 amazing songs and 70 fantastic dancing.

The core performers are the male chorus and orchestra, whose roots trace back to the first official Russian armed forces choir of the Red Army Choir, created early in World War II to help inspire the country's morale. Although a dance ensemble was added to the choir, the chorus remains the essential component. A mix of patriotic songs, marches, folk songs and operatic selections with a few orchestral chestnuts are amazing. The chorus is all-male, although there are female soloists. The choir's powerful, patriotic songs, especially those by soloists, draw genuine applause, not polite clapping. 

Ensemble of song and dancing of the Leningrad Military District has a really active life. It took the first place at the All-Russian Folk & Military Song & Dance Competition in 2014-2015.

A high level of art Ensemble represents abroad every year. "It is delightful! Perfectly well! There are no words!" - These words Parisian press wrote about performances of this army creative collective.

"There is no saying in what Russian soldiers have more succeeded, in a song or dance, but in both they are really virtuosos" - such estimation was given by the Austrian spectators.

Ensemble of song and dancing of the Leningrad Military District went on tour across Spain, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Austria and other countries. Concert performances on Canary Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Grandana, Valencia, Zaragosa, Bilbao, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Parma, Hague, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Lisbon, Oslo, Helsinki, and Stockholm already have won hearts of spectators.

Without any doubt the best place to see the Folk-show in St Petersburg is the astonishing House of Officers in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, a stately venue that boasts Art Nouveau interior decor. It is a cultural educational establishment of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, and professional military servicemen's club, founded in 1918 as the Red Army House. The fabulous hall, known for high quality performances, was especially built for concerts and features a comfortable atmosphere.

Officers' House had turned into a highly fashionable area, the favorite place of promenade in St. Petersburg for best officers of Russian Empire. Its official name changed to Officers' House in 1972. In the 1920s, the Officers' House carried out large-scale educational work among Red Army soldiers; during the Great Patriotic War it served as a base for a number of special military preparatory courses, front-line concert and propaganda brigades. One of the main peculiarities of the Officers' House is its special "homy" atmosphere. There were inspired and arranged parties, balls, dinners ¨C and never missed the opportunity of pleasing its guests with exquisite cuisine, rare wines and joyful performance.

Passing the entrance to the Officers' House you will find yourself in the lobby - with its fabulous gala stairs leading to the Concert Hall. Courteous cavalier and elegant ladies in crinolines will greet you on the stairs showing you the way and making you forget the time. Beautiful melodies of the past performed by a professional musical quartet will give you impression that you are simply traveling through centuries: and this is just a beginning!

Here in a cozy and nicely decorated Concert Hall we will give you more than just an opportunity to see unforgettable folk show performance: you will not only feel involved - you will be really involved! During this dynamic colorful and fabulous show, you will hear tuneful folk songs - romantic, and full of life, watch sparkling dances! And - oh, miracle! - suddenly you will find yourself right on the stage dancing like a real Russian, playing folk games and enjoying yourself!


Buffet table (served during the 20 minutes interval):


Buffet table (Russian style) includes:


-vol-au-vent* with roe (salmon, trout)

-vol-au-vent with rabbit liver with port wine

-vol-au-vent with cream cheese with mushrooms

* Vol-au-vent - a small round case of puff pastry filled with a savory mixture, typically of meat or fish in a richly flavored sauce


-glass of Russian Vodka

-glass of champagne

-mineral water


 Russian dinner (served before the show).

Russian dinner #1 (fish) before the show. 

1. Vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, lettuce leaves, potherb, olive oil)

2. Shchi (cabbage soup) with sour cream 

3. Grilled fish with onion, mashed potatoes and pickle        

4. Patty with green onions and boiled egg 

5. Bread, butter 

6. Pancakes with jam

7. Coffee, tea 

8. Mineral water 

Russian dinner #2 (pork) before the show. 

1. Salad with herring (herring, potatoes, apples, red onion, granular mustard, sunflower oil)

2. Ukha (fish soup)

3. Braised pork with potatoes, carrot, celery, paprika, onion, tomatoes

4. Pie with salmon

5. Bread, butter 

6. Syrniky (cheese pancake) with evaporated milk

7. Coffee, tea 

8. Mineral water 

Russian dinner #3 (chicken) before the show. 

1. Beet salad (beet, walnut, damson, coriander, olive oil)

2. Mushroom soup

3. Kiev cutlet (chicken cutlet with potatoes and cowberry sauce)

4. Pie with potatoes and mushroom 

5. Bread, butter  

6. Pancakes  with jam

7. Coffee, tea 

8. Mineral water 

Dress Code for Folk Show: There is no Dress Code for the Show. Formal wear is not necessary, casual wear and jeans are OK. 

Address: Liteiny pr.,20 , see map

SCHEDULE for Folk show of Officers' Assembly of St. Petersburg 2019

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The Performance of the Ensemble at the Officers House
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